Blitzcrank Bot

Blitzcrank Bot is a Discord bot in its second iteration that retrieves useful information about League of Legends players.

Invite link: Click here!

Support Server: Click here!


Command Usage Description
b!search b!search Riviere Retrieves ranked statistics for a given user
b!mastery b!mastery Riviere Sivir Retrieves champion mastery information for a given user
b!game b!game Riviere Retrieves a given user’s current game
b!region view   Retrieves a server’s default region
b!region set b!region set OCE Sets a server’s default region
b!region update b!region update OCE Updates a server’s default region
b!region remove   Removes a server’s default region
b!region list   Lists all valid regions
b!invite   Retrieves Blitzcrank Bot’s invite link
b!support   Retreives the link to Blitzcrank Bot’s support server

Future Commands

Command Usage Description
b!top b!top Sivir Retrieves the top 10 users on the server by mastery points
b!masteries b!masteries Riviere Retrieves a given user’s mastery pages
b!runes b!runes Riviere Retreives a given user’s rune pages


What are the region commands?

The region commands (b!region set, etc) are part of Blitzcrank Bot’s ability to set a default region per server. This means that you don’t have to add the region as an argument to every command!

But what if my account is on a different region to the default?

You can specify which region Blitzcrank Bot should use at the end of the usual command! For example, if the default region of your server was NA, but your account was on EUW, you can use b!search [User] EUW.


99% of issues with the bot can be solved by enclosing Summoner and Champion names in quotation marks (i.e “Lee Sin”)

The bot tells me some part of my name isn’t a valid region

Unfortunately, if your Summoner name contains a space (i.e Super Frosty), you must enclose the name in quotation marks like so: “Super Frosty”.

“[Champion] is not a valid region!”

Same as above, either your summoner name has a space, the champion name has a space, or both. They need to be in quotation marks if this is the case.

The bot doesn’t respond at all!

This happens when your name has a space and you specified a region, or both your summoner name and champion name have a space. See above, enclose name in quotation marks.

The bot complains about permissions!

Blitzcrank Bot needs the ‘embed links’ permission, either at the role or channel level, since it sends messages using rich embeds.

“Something unexpected went wrong!”

I’ve done my best to catch all exceptions and display proper error messages, but some slip through. This is that message. Join the support server or dm me with details and I’ll try to help.


Questions, enquiries, etc. can be directed towards Frosty ☃#5263 on Discord or, by email: